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What is the energy star rating of your homes?
Our homes achieve 6 stars for energy efficiency as a minimum, but most of our houses top 7 stars. An Energy Report is included in the price of all our homes, so you know how your home will perform over the long term. Our standard inclusions are double glazing, ceiling and wall insulation, energy efficient lighting and much more.

How eco friendly are your homes?
We approach the design of homes holistically. Our homes reduce water and energy use and are designed to be comfortable year round. We specify materials like Ecoply and radial sawn timbers to reduce nasty off-gassing and reduce environmental impacts. To find out more about sustainability and our homes see here.

I want solar panels/solar hot water/rainwater tanks. Can you arrange this?
Sure can! In fact a solar hot water system is a standard inclusion in all our homes! Many of our customers also want photovoltaic (solar) panels or rainwater tanks. We can work with you to choose the right system for your needs. We can also help to get you a good deal through our industry partners.

Do Modhouse homes include double glazing?
Yes, powder coated lockable double glazed windows with flyscreens are included in every home.


How long will it take you to build my house?
This depends on the size and complexity of your home but we only take on work when we have the resources available and we always agree to a finish date in our contracts. Generally speaking, a new three-bedroom home could be built within 6 months. Good things take time!

What Modhouse home is best for my tight budget?
Because our homes are modular they cost less to make than a bespoke home – we pass those savings onto you. For those on an extremely tight budget we recommend the Streaky Bay. This has two modules and a streamlined design. It requires less build time and less materials, therefore it’s cheaper to build.


Can I expand my Modhouse home?
Absolutely! If you discover that your needs change and you perhaps need an extra bedroom or two we can add another module to your home.

Can I relocate my Modhouse home?
Yes. Modhouse modular homes can be relocated within the site or to other locations. Don’t buy a new house – take yours with you!

Can I design my own Modhouse home?
Yes, our plans can be modified to suit your land and lifestyle, to make your new home as unique as you want it to be. You can work with our design team to custom design your dream home for us to build.

Will I save in running costs with a Modhouse home?
Yes. A recent CSIRO on five star homes found heating and cooling costs reduced by 37% (over lesser energy efficient homes) in the Melbourne area. The study also found homes designed for energy efficiency cost $5000 less to build. See report.


Can I visit one of your homes?
We have a display home on Phillip Island you can visit. This is an example of our Butterfly 1 home – it’s also showcases our attention to detail and quality finishes. We’d love to show you around.

Open 11am to 3pm, Saturday & Sunday, or by appointment: 0418 595 406

201 Thompson Avenue,
Cowes, Phillip Island,
Victoria 3922

Do I get to choose the finishes for my Modhouse home?
Yes. Finishes are an important part of customising the home to your preferences. Our design team works with you to outline and weigh options to help you make informed decisions about your home.

Can you design the interior of my new home too?
Yes. Melissa Plant provides interior design services for the range and custom home designs. Melissa has interior design and decoration qualifications (RMIT) and 25 years of experience. To each home Melissa brings a love for classic, timeless aesthetics, contemporary design flair, and the practical know-how to make spaces work well and feel wonderful.


What kind of permits will I need?
Our job is to demystify the process. We assist with all the permits and reports required for your particular project, from planning and residential design code (ResCode) reports, to BAL (Bushfire Attack Levels) and energy ratings, engineering reports and soil tests. We recommend projects have an up to date re-establishment survey.

Will you manage the project on my behalf?
Yes, this is a key benefit of working with Modhouse. We arrange everything for you – from planning approvals to coordinating tradespeople. We liaise closely with you and keep your project on track so your building experience is stress and hassle free.

Do I need to arrange for services to be connected to my Modhouse home?
No, we’ll do this for you. We’ll liaise with the various providers on your behalf.

Do you provide guarantees and warrantees?
Every home comes with a 7 year builders warranty insurance. We also encourage the use of appliances, fittings, fixtures and materials that carry manufacturers’ warrantees.


Can Modhouse be built on sloping sites?
Yes. Our homes are flexible and can be built in most locations. Contact us about your site and we can discuss your requirements.

Do Modhouse homes comply with bushfire regulations?
All new homes built in bushfire-risk areas need to comply with the bushfire regulations stipulated for their BAL (Bushfire Attack Levels). The design and materials specified in Modhouse homes comply with all regulations.

Does my site need to be specially prepared?
We can help with any preparation required such as tree root barriers, construction of driveways or levelling and excavation work.

Do you build Modhouse homes anywhere in Australia?
Yes we can. Call us to discuss – we’d love to hear from you.