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our ethos

Modhouse designs, builds, and decorates sustainable, modular homes.


Modhouse homes are designed to sustainable design principles to make the most of summer shade, winter sun and to ensure your home catches every cooling breeze. Smart homes, designed well not only provide comfort year-round, they help you save on your bills year on year. As certified GreenSmart Professionals our homes outperform the 6 star rating for new homes in Australia – we strive for 7 or 8 stars for all our homes. The more stars, the more savings and the more comfortable your home will be through every season.

Modhouse are certified GreenSmart Builders. Our builds reduce waste and utilise sustainable materials wherever possible. We specify water and energy-efficient appliances. Our integrated design and build service ensures a quality home and a stress-free process.

Modhouse homes achieve:

Modular design

We believe that modular homes are better. Better for you and the environment. Modhouse modular homes can be configured in any arrangement, size or site, creating a bespoke home on an achievable budget. Modular homes reduce building times, ensuring you’re in your lovely new home sooner. Modular homes reduce waste by maximising the opportunities for material reuse and minimising over specification.

Modhouse modular homes:

Modhouse modules can be prefabricated off-site and delivered to your site. Prefabrication offers:

See Prefabricated Homes for more information.